Catherine Rondina


Rudeness: Deal with it if you please

Cover of Rudeness Deal with it if you please. By Catherine Rondina. Published by Lorimer.

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Demonstrating good manners goes way beyond not talking with your mouth full. Rudeness can lead to hurt feelings, misunderstandings, and ultimately conflict. But exactly what constitutes good manners can differ from culture to culture, region to region, and generation to generation. What is acceptable behaviour to some, may be downright rude to others.

Rudeness: Deal with it if you please shows kids just how harmful rudeness can be, and explains how the keys to conflict resolution — sensitivity, consideration, and respect — are also the basis of good manners everywhere.



“These three titles [ MisconductRudeness, and Authority are an improvement over the previous titles because they present more complex scenarios, forcing readers to ‘think outside the box’ and do a little more creative problem-solving.” (CM: Canadian Review of Materials)