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“By far and away the best “author” workshop I’ve attended. The children were engaged from beginning to end.”Jill Kates – Grade 3 teacher (38 years) – Driftwood Public School




  • Writer’s Union of Canada
  • CCBC – Canadian Children’s Book Centre
  • CANSCAIP – Canadian Society of Children’s Authors Illustrators and Performers
  • OLA Ontario Library Association
  • IBBYInternational Board on Books for Young People
  • PWACProfessional Writer’s Association of Canada



Types of Author Visits

1 - Shine On! - Workshop - (Lighting Our World - A Year of Celebrations) (Based on the book)

Throughout the year and around the globe, people use light – candles, bonfires, lanterns and fireworks – to celebrate special occasions. This illuminating tour of the world’s brightest and warmest festivities, will delight young audiences.
Designed to explore the fascinating world of celebrations, as seen through the eyes of children. Participants discover that the light used in these special events, connects us all. Children “shine” as they are taken on a visual journey, through quizzes, handouts and storytelling. This workshop is activity based, with participants creating their own, individual crafts, that explore different cultures around the globe.The themes for these this workshop vary, dependant on the time of year the session is held.


* Activity supplies provided by the author
* Handouts provided by the author
* Program runs for 1 ½ hours.
* Recommended for ages 7-10



Don't Touch That Toad and Other Strange Things Adults Tell You - Workshop - (Based on the book)

Will a watermelon grow inside your stomach if you swallow a watermelon seed?
Can lighting strike the same place twice?
Does eating carrots really improve your eyesight?
Is a dog’s mouth cleaner than a human’s?


Kids will be delighted to find out the truth about these and many other claims from Catherine’s latest book, Don’t Touch That Toad and Other Strange Things Adults Tell You, (Kids Can Press 2010) This fun-filled, hands-on workshop, allows students to try a number of activities based on the hilarious book. Catherine has developed an insightful program that has children visiting workstations and testing out the ideas presented in her book.  Students are guided through the activities, by the author, and then asked to record their findings. The workshop also includes a creative writing component, which involves a short questionnaire and has participants developing their own  “strange” ideas for publication.


* Individual workbook provided for each participant
* Activity supplies provided by the author
* Program runs on a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour basis
* Recommended for ages 7 to 10



The Good Idea - Workshop

This unique workshop focuses on helping young authors develop their skills as both writers and researchers. With the use of Catherine’s specially designed workbook, participants are taken through the entire writing process. Writers learn about developing a “good idea,” writing for a particular genre, specialty markets, and the world of publishing. With an emphasis on non-fiction writing, budding authors are taught how to develop a “good idea,” research it, write and revise it for publication. The program also includes an interesting look at evaluating what genre your writing talents are best suited for.


The program explores key questions many emerging writers ask:
Can anyone be a writer?
Where do ideas come from?
How do you choose a topic to write about?
Where do you find information from to write a book or an article?
How long does it take to write a book?
How do I get started?
Who will read my work?


* Individual workbook provided for each participant
* Program runs on a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour basis
* This workshop can be adapted for Grades 4 through 12



The Internet: Friend Or Foe? - Workshop

Based on Catherine’s 2008 book, “The 10 Worst Things About the Internet” for Rubicon/Scholastic, this informative workshop takes a surprisingly, revealing look at the World Wide Web. Participants are lead through a series of eye-opening scenarios about what some call the greatest invention of modern society. But at what cost to the Web user? This program challenges participants to take a closer look at the Internet and how to use it wisely.


* Individual workbook provided for each participant
* Program runs on a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour basis
* Suggested audience level – Grades 4 through 6



The Conflict Resolution - Workshop

Developed as part of the on-going issue of conflict and children, this workshop was designed by Catherine to help kids find some answers. Based on the highly successful “Deal With It” series, published by James Lorimer & Company, which include three titles written by Catherine: Gossip; Deal With It Before Word Gets Around, Rudeness; Deal With It If You Please, Lying; Deal With It Straight Up, this workshop gives kids a chance to work at solving issues that they often face on a daily basis.  Through a series of specially devised segments, participants are taught how to “Deal With” different types of conflict in their everyday lives.


* Individual workbook provided for each participant
* Program runs on a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour basis
* Suggested audience level – Grades 4 through 7



Finding The Poet Within - Workshop

Get your creative juices flowing in this unique, original poetry workshop.  Author, Catherine Rondina invites poets to bring their imaginations and let the words take flight. By using Catherine’s distinctive style of finding your own creative voice, this workshop offers poets the perfect atmosphere to brainstorm, explore and create the ideal piece of poetry.


* Individual work sheets provided for each participant
* Program runs on a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour basis
* Suggested audience level – Grades 3 through 6



Stories Through Storyboards - "The Graphic Novel"

Do you enjoy graphic novels? Write your own after learning the technique of storyboards with author Catherine Rondina. Participants are shown the history of the graphic novel and how it has transcended into one of today’s most popular genre for readers of all ages. Writers take a step-by-step look at the process of being the author, illustrator in the process of visual story telling.


* Individual work sheets provided for each participants
* Program runs on a 1 ½ hour to 2 hour basis
* Suggested audience level – Grades 4 through 6



Caught In A Story Web - Workshop

Audiences are excited to be trapped in this creative storytelling workshop!
Using a “web” (yarn), children are asked to create a story, using props to spin their tale. The young storytellers are introduced to the main segments of a story and learn how to develop their web.
Participants delight in the details that each new addition to the story brings. Delighting as the group gets caught-up in the story.


* Supplies provided by the author
* Program runs for 1 hour
* Suggest audience level – Grades 1-2



General Author Visits

Catherine is always thrilled to host author visits in schools, libraries and community centres.  Her enthusiastic approach to reading and writing make for high-energy, fun-filled events. Topics often include Catherine’s latest book, the craft of writing, the world of publishing or the latest “hot” genre in the media.

*These speaking engagements run on average from 1 hour to 1 ½ hours.*Each session provides the writers with time for instruction, discussion and creative writing opportunities.

Catherine is available for school visits of one to four sessions per day. She  is happy to work with mixed grades and various age groups. Her workshop  audiences encompass primary to senior high school grades.

To book an author visit, discuss rates or for more information, please email or call 905-780-9900.

***Copies of Catherine’s books are available for sale and autographing at all of her visit. Please contact her in advance to make arrangements.